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Tranax/Xanax 1 mg is a first line medication used worldwide in the management and treatment of anxiety and panic disorders. It is also useful in the treatment of anxiety associated with depression. These mental problems are generally occurring due to disturbances in certain chemicals in the brain. Xanax efficiently provides calming effects and treat these disorders thus improves your social life.

Tranax/Xanax 1mg contains Alprazolam as its active pharmaceutical ingredient belongs to most potent medication of benzodiazepine class. It binds with the receptors and. Increases the affinity of GABA an inhibitory neurotransmitter that facilitates opening of chloride channels and as a result slowing down of hyperpolarization in cell membrane and reduction of excitation and in this way it mediates sleep, memory and motor coordination and provides calming effects to overcome anxiety disorders.

Who should avoid Tranax 1mg medication?

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding female should not use this medication.
  • Person having narrow angle glaucoma and may encounter hypersensitivity to this drug,
  • The individual should not intake this medication, while using other sedative, hypnotics and other psychotropic agents.

What will be the storage condition?

You should store this medication at a temperature of 250C to 300; and away from direct heat and moisture.


How to intake the Tranax/Xanax 1 mg?

Xanax tablet should be taken orally, and can be used without regards to meal. The dose condition depends upon the medical condition and response of this medication to different patient.

 For the treatment of anxiety disorders, the usual dose of Xanax should take 0.25-0.5mg orally, three times in a day; thereafter gradually increase the dose up to 4mg in a day and do not go beyond that. In case of panic disorders, the individual may take 1 to 10mg daily.

If by mistake you missed the dose of this drug, then you should take it when you remember. But if you remember it at the time of next dose, then you should stop thinking about missed dose and take your next dose.

Do not take overdose of this medication, as in case of overdose it can cause severe harmful effects in the body of individuals like, fainting, severe drowsiness and confusion.

What are the side effects of Tranax/Xanax 1mg?

The use of Tranax/Xanax may cause some short-lived side effects in individuals like, nausea, dizziness, memory problem tired feeling, change in mood and lack of balance and respiratory depression.

What important information should consider, while using this drug?

  • Do not consume this medicine for longer period and in every minor injury as it may trap to you in drug addiction.
  • Do not give to person of below 18 years of age.
  • As it may pass into the milk of nursing mother so she must abstain Xanax. It is also not recommended to pregnant women.
  • Combination of this drug with medicines such as, Digoxin, Cimetidine, alcohol and grapefruit, while using this drug may cause untoward or toxic effect on your body, hence keep yourself away from it.
  • Avoid any such medication that cause, dizzy and drowsiness like antidepressant, alcohol and other sedative or hypnotics along with this medication.


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Customer Reviews

This medication helped to treat social anxiety Review by racheal
I had social anxiety, i feel very anxious facing new people and i consulted about it and took medication tranax alprazolam and found it helpful for me. (Posted on 12/12/17)
Tranax works best for anxiety problem Review by Robin
Tranax works best for anxiety problem (Posted on 11/30/17)
It is not easy to go with anxiety in your daily lifeReview by trisha
It is not easy to go with anxiety in your daily life.I was very scared while going out my city for graduation.There was many things that i got panic about then after recommendation i started taking Tranax which have alprazolam 1 mg and it helped me a lot to face all challenges. (Posted on 11/8/17)
It Helped me to come over my anxiety problemReview by pamella
Yes sometimes anxiety just stuck in your head and make your life terrible but i am thankful that i taken Tanax tablets that helped me to come over my anxiety problem. (Posted on 10/31/17)
Most Efffective drug to treat anxietyReview by john
After using Tranax medicine for two months i found this very effective to treat my anxiety problem.I recommend it to people who are facing anxiety problem. (Posted on 9/19/17)

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