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Saizen-HGH 10IU

Saizen-HGH 10IU


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Saizen is HGH supplement that is nothing but a naturally produced protein peptide that is derived from the rDNA origin that is produced from pituitary gland that brings body development.

How Saizen injection is presented in the market?

Saizen is served in form of sterile pyrogen free powder pack. The injection is administered via intramuscular and subcutaneous routes. The 10 IU Saizen vial is intended for multiple dose use.

This HGH (Human growth hormone) brings increased development in the children as the secretion of the HGH increases daily in childhood and its level goes at its apex during the adolescence and the level go decreasing over time of age. If you are skinny or flabby and seriously planning for body buildup and lean curvature the drug is perfect medicament served in the form of injectable.  

The drug will bring lean muscle development by burning fats and bringing mass development by storing more nitrogen in the muscle and more protein absorption is increased.

How it works?

Saizen is a human growth hormone, just like natural pituitary growth hormone. The most significant effect of Somatropin injection is an augment in growth velocity, mediated through Somatomedin -C (IGFI).

When should Saizen be avoided?

  • Saizen use is avoided in the presence of active neoplasia and in patient with prior allergy to growth hormone.
  • This drug must not be administered in pediatric patients with epiphysis clogged. When reconstituted with bacteriostatic water for injection (0.9% Benzoyl alcohol; it must not be administered with identified sensitivity to Benzyl Alcohol).

How Saizen be stored?

Saizen is a sterilized non-pyrogenic white, lyophilized powder, when reconstituted with sodium chloride the reconstituted solution must be injected at once. This injectable solution must be stored at 2 to 8oC for up to 14 days.

What is the appropriate dose of this medication?

Saizen dosage should be individualized for every patient. The suggested dosage of this drug is 10 I.U. per kg body weight per week.

What are the ill effects of the medication?

The injection may bring site inflammation, pyrexia, headache, redness, and hypothyroidism. Even in certain patients incidence of anti-HGH antibodies development is seen after medication.

What are the possible warning indications for the Saizen injection preparation?

  • The drug should be used very cautiously if served to the diabetic patients and Patient having medication for HRT (hormone replacement therapy) of D.M. Thyroid.
  • In case of SC administration, after prolong use at same site may bring lipodystrophy, so never apply at the same site again and again.
  • The drug should be served with extra caution while serving to lactating and pregnant patients.

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