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Minoxidil Hair Growth Solution

Minoxidil Hair Growth Solution

Minoxidil Hair Growth Solution

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Minoxidil is an excellent approach, which belongs to the vasodilator that is approved by an FDA in august 1988 to promote hair growth to rectify the problem in male pattern baldness. This is an amazing topical solution medicament, which is available under the strength of 5%.


How Minoxidil does show its beneficial effect?

This vasodilating drug is chiefly utilized to prevent or stops hair loss due that causes due to the various reasons and also promotes hair re-growth at desired extent. It is a potassium channel opener, which shows its therapeutic effect by inducing hyperpolarization. This dosage form is significantly proved its efficiency by allowing the more supply of nutrition, oxygen and blood to the telogen phase. This action can shed the telogen and also stimulate the growth of new thick hair in a new anagen phase.


What are the indications of Minoxidil?

This dosage form is successfully used to treat androgenic alopecia. But this dosage form does not prove its significant effect against hair loss that caused due to sudden/ patchy hair loss and unexplained hair loss (no family history of hair loss).


What are the contraindications of Rogaine?

Don't use this drug due to certain medical conditions like:

  • Heart related problems
  • Allergic problem with this drug
  • Scalp related disorders like cuts, infection or eczema
  • Kidney or liver insufficiency


What are the drugs interactions of Minoxidil?

Certain drugs that should be avoided during this medication are:

  • Hypo- or hyper-tensive drugs
  • Disulfiram
  • Metronidazole
  • Other topical product


What are the storage conditions for Rogaine?

This dosage form should be kept at temperature that ranges from 15 to 25° C and should be protected from high temperature and moisture. Always cover your dosage form with a cap or lid to protect it from environmental contaminations.


How should you take Rogaine?

This dosage form is applied topically on the scalp of the hair, twice a day. Take small quantity of this drug (1 ml) and should apply on the scalp with fingertips. Gentle massage should be done after application of this drug. It is beneficial to apply one dose of this drug in morning and second dose of this drug at night. It is admirable to apply this drug before 6 hours of rinsing your hair.

The effective result can be noticeable within or after 4 months.

Don't apply excess or large quantity of this dosage form, in case you forget any dose of this drug. This can enhance the risk of various undesirable effects like flushing, fainting, dizziness, severe irritation on the scalp and drowsiness.


What are the side effects of Minoxidil?

  • Confusion
  • Headache
  • Chest pain
  • Lightheadedness
  • Changes in the texture and color of the hair
  • Unwanted growth of facial hair


What are the safety measures while having Minoxidil?

Patient younger than 18 years old should not use this drug.

Application of this drug into the eyes, nose or mouth can be harmful to the health the patient. 

Always wash your hands after applying this dosage form. 

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