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Buy Flagyl Tube- Metronidazole

Buy Flagyl Tube- Metronidazole

Metronidazole (me-troe-NI-da-zole) cream

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Flagyl contains generic Metronidazole as a main active component, which is primarily indicated to treat vaginal infections. It is also used to treat rosacea (kind of skin rash). Flagyl gel is always applied with a sterile applicator while putting gel into your vagina.

How Flagyl acts?

Flagyl contains generic Metronidazole as a main active constituent and it falls under the group of antibiotics called Nitroimidazole and it simply acts by inhibiting the growth and development of bacteria and protozoa. It does not work against viral infections.

Who should not apply Flagyl? 

  • In case of allergy towards generic Metronidazole
  • In case of liver disease and kidney dilemma
  •  Stomach or intestinal disease
  • Blood disorder such as anemia (lack of RBC's) or leucopenia (lack of WBC's)
  • Epileptic patients and seizure patients

Which drug interacts with Flagyl tube?

  • Disulfiram
  • Anti-coagulant drugs like Coumadin, Warfarin and Heparin
  • Lithium

How to store Flagyl Tube?

  • Flagyl tube should be stored at the room temperature 15-300C.
  • It should be stored away from the direct contact of heat, moisture, light.
  • Do not freeze it.

How you should apply Flagyl?

  • Firstly, split the metal seal of the tube with the help of point on the top of the cap.
  • Slowly compress the medicine into the applicator until it is full.
  • Then, take out the applicator and replace the cap on the tube.

To insert the gel into vagina-

  • Bent your knee and relax.
  • Seize the filled applicator in one hand and gradually insert into the vagina and stops when you feel painful.
  • Compress the plunger slowly until it stops and remove the applicator.
  • Medicine will be left behind in the vagina. Then, remove the applicator and use only one applicator only once and then throw it away.

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