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Dianette-Cyproterone Acetate


Cyproterone Acetate

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Dianette is a unique combined oral contraceptive pill containing Ethinyl estradiol (estrogen) and Cyproterone acetate (progesterone or anti-androgen). This medication can also be taken by females who have too much hair growth (hirsutism) or severe acne. Just like other combined birth control pills, Dianette should be consumed at the same time each day for three weeks.


How does Dianette work?

Dianette contains Cyproterone acetate and Ethinyl estradiol, thus it works by two mechanisms:

Cyproterone acetate is an anti-androgen which works by preventing the actions of androgens. It works by inhibiting the receptors present in the body that the androgens usually act upon. Cyproterone acetate also reduces the formation of androgens by the ovaries, in order that there are fewer male hormones circulating.

 Dianette is also an efficient combined birth control pill. Ethinyl estradiol is a synthetic version of the hormone estrogen and Cyproterone acetate is progesterone analog. This pill works as a contraceptive by inhibiting the maturation and liberation of eggs from the ovaries, in addition to increasing the thickness of the cervical mucus, making it harder for sperm to cross from the female organ into the uterus. It also works by changing the uterine lining so that it is less appropriate for any fertilized eggs to effectively implant in.


What is the dosage regimen of Dianette?

Dianette tablets should be consumed daily at about the same time. One tablet is to be consumed every day for 21 successive days. Each succeeding pack is initiated after a 7-day tablet-free gap, during which a withdrawal bleed generally takes place. This generally begins on day 2 to 3 after the preceding tablet and may not have completed before the subsequent pack is began.

 Dianette tablets are available in a calendar packet marked with days of the week to help you memorize to consume a pill each day for 3 weeks, after that a week off. You will still be sheltered against pregnancy in your pill-free week, in condition that you took all the pills properly, you begin the subsequent pack on time and nothing else happened that could make the pill less effective.


What do in case you miss a tablet?

If you fail to remember to consume your pill at your normal time, consume it the moment you remember. A missed pill is one that is 24 hours or more lately. If you failed to take a pill, follow the instructions below.

  • One pill missed:

If you overlook to take ONE Dianette tablet, or begin your fresh packet one day late, you must take the tablet you missed the moment possible, even if this means consuming 2 tablets at the same time. Then carry on taking the rest of the packet as usual. You will still be protected against pregnancy and you don't require using additional contraception method.

  • Two or more pills missed:

If you forget to take 2 or more tablets, or begin your fresh packet one or more days late, you won't be protected against pregnancy. You must consume the last tablet you missed the instant possible, even if this means taking 2 tablets at the same time. Exclude the other missed ones. Then carry on taking your tablets, one daily, as usual. You should either not have intercourse, or use an additional barrier method of contraception, like condoms, for the subsequent 7 days.


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