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Doxepin-(dox e pin)

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Adapin is primarily recommneded for the treatment of mental disorders like depression and anxiety. Generic Doxepin is a foremost pharmaceutical ingredient found in this medicine and it falls under the category of Tricyclic Anti-depressant drugs.

How Adapin works?

Doxepin simply works by balancing the natural chemicals like neurotransmitter in the cerebral brain and results in improve your mood condition.

Adapin also provide immediate respite from anxiety and tension and gives improved sleep and augment your energy level.

When Adapin is not taken?

Adapin is strictly inadvisable in certain medical conditions like allergy towards generic Doxepin, history of depression, mood swings, feeling of annoyance, disturbance, aggressive, kidney and liver dysfunction. 

Which drugs interact with Adapin?

St. John Wort, Tolazamide, Quinidine, Duloxetine, Paroxetine, Sertraline, Fluvoxamine, Celexa and Citalopram

How to store Adapin?

  • Properly Adapin tablet should be stored at the room temperature 300 C and away from the direct exposure of sunlight and humidity.
  • Keep this medicine away from the reach of kids.

How to take Adapin tablet?

Adapin is available in the tablet and capsule dosage form. So, an individual should take Adapin tablet via the oral route with a full glass of water. It should be administered one to three times a day with or without provisions.

The standard recommended dose of Adapin is 150mg on each day and you will see the progression in depression within two to three weeks.

What happen, if you miss a dose of Adapin?

If any case, if you miss a dose of Adapin then take it as soon as you keep in mind but do not get twofold of Adapin at one time to trap the missed one.

What happen, if you get an overdose of Adapin?

If you accidently take an overdose of Adapin then immediately confer with your physician in case of happening of overdose of this treatment.

What are the undesirable effects of Adapin?

Most commonly seen side effects of Adapin are vomiting, giddiness, weakness, difficulty in urination, unclear vision, excess sweating, change in weight and nightmares.

Rigorous unpleasant effects of Adapin are skin rashes, yellowing of eyes or skin, irregular heartbeat, fever and uncontrolled shaking of the body.

What Safety tips should be taken while taking Adapin?

  • Drinking of alcohol along with Doxepin is strictly inadvisable.
  • Doxepin may influence your skill to focus so; you should avoid driving after the use of this medicine.
  • Do not provide this medicine to kids under the age of 18 years without doctor's consult.
  • Pregnant and lactating mothers should not get this therapy without doctor's consult.
  • Do not devour this medicine with Mono amino oxidase inhibitors (MAOI) as they cause drug interaction and harmful complications. 

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