A number of males are unaware of the exact meaning of erectile dysfunction and this enables them to go with correct medication. This article would help you in collecting knowledge about erection failure and which medicine is safer to be used. Erectile dysfunction could occur at any age of life and it directly shows effect onto the sensual life of the male leading him the reason for intimacy failure. During erectile dysfunction, his mind command over his erection and even after sensual desires and arousal the male fails to get an erection. Due to this, his sensual life becomes dull and inactive. Erection problems could because of a number of reasons including stress, depression, tiredness, performance anxiety, any medication, or any ailment but only one solution is sufficient for every erection related problem and that is Vidalista.  



Vidalista is proving to be one of the best medications that could help a male to complete his intimacy session without letting erection failure leading to being a hindrance. Erection problem could not be elevated from the bottom line but it could be terminated for a fixed time. Vidalista tablet provides sufficient time for the male to enjoy his intimacy and with a stiffer erection. Tadalafil is the active generic drug of the medicine that works as a potent PDE5 blocker and inhibits the depletion of cGMP compound.


The PDE5 enzyme is responsible for the degradation of cGMP which further leads to the decreased blood flow and due to this the male is unable to get the erection on time. Sometimes his erection falls before even entering into the female genitals. This medicine is responsible for giving the lost blood flow towards the genitals by making the arteries easy to relax allowing the blood to flow towards penile with an ease. Tadalafil to some extent is also responsible for increasing the amount of cGMP in the male reproductive section.

Vidalista tablets are easy to get in the dosing range of 20 mg, 40 mg, and 60 mg


A single tablet of Vidalista gives its therapeutic action onto the penile for longer than 36 hours. The tablet is to be consumed via oral route with plenty of water about 30 minutes before his intimacy. This medicine is supposed to start its action within 15 minutes of intake. The tablet could be consumed with food or without food except for heavy meals. The male is prescribed to take these pills at a gap of 3 days.


While using these pills, he should keep in mind the following preventive tips in order to get the safe effect of the medicine:

  • Do not take these pills under the age of 18 years.
  • Do not take these pills in case you are allergic to any of the ingredient.
  • Do not consume these pills along with alcoholic drinks or heavy meals.
  • Do not consume these pills when you are already using any nitrate-containing medicine.

Adverse effects of the use of Vidalista tablets:

A male using Vidalista tablet could experience a number of side effects like dizziness, drowsiness, headache, vomiting, tiredness, painful erection, mood swings, muscle cramps, stomach discomfort, swelling or loss of coordination.

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