Insomnia is the disorder that happens when your mind is busy with some stress or tension. You have a racing thought that is making you unable to fall asleep. It may also get triggered due to shift work. It becomes a disorder when observed frequently. When you are unable to sleep for many days, it affects your health that indirectly affects your body. You should know that our body and mind are connected.


Happiness will keep our body in good condition same way if there is a disturbance in your sleep patterns then it causes problems in your thinking and concentration. Insomnia is growing today speedily among people that too because of worry and tension.Ambien sleeping tablet is the key solution to your sleeping problem and this helps in keeping your problem at bay. Once you use this medicine, you will find relief in your condition by having proper sleep time. After taking the drug, you will wake up other day feeling refreshed and energetic with your healthy body and mind. Remember the healthy mind is a healthy body.



Generic name: Zolpidem

Dosage form: This medicine is solid dosage form that is available as tablets.

Dosage strengths: Ambien medicine is available as 10 mg and CR 12.5 mg dose.

An indication of this medicine: This medicine works in bringing sleep when you are finding difficulty in sleeping.  

Class of this medicine: This drug comes as a sedative-hypnotic class.

Mechanism of its activity: This medicine works out by balancing the chemicals present inside the brain center that are unbalanced. The immediate release pill form works in making you fall asleep and as extended-release forms the first layer dissolves to make you fall asleep then the second layer dissolves to keep you stay asleep.

Dosage and it’s pattern: The adult dosage form for ridding insomnia problem range as 5 mg among women patients and 5-10 mg among men patients. The greatest dosage one can ingest is up to 10 mg within per day. As an extended release form or controlled release pills, you must start using 6.25 mg among women patients and 6.25-12.5 mg among men patients. One should never crush or break the Ambien CR pills and swallow as whole pill form.

Storing condition: This should be kept at a proper place far from small children reach, and keep away from heat, and direct sunlight.

Factors that should be contraindicated and some precautionary measures are as:

  • One should not use this drug form when having an allergic reaction.
  • One should not misuse this drug form as addiction can happen.
  • One should not share with a person who is having drug abuse history or addiction.
  • Let your doctor know if having myasthenia gravis, mental illness, sleep apnea, suicidal thoughts, and liver/kidney disorder.
  • One should not take this in an age less than 18 years.
  • Prior to using in pregnancy or lactating mothers, ask your doctor.
  • One should not use in larger or smaller than told by your doctor.
  • This is for short-term anxiety prevention.


Common undesirable issues that can happen are as dizziness, tired feeling, light headed, muscle weakness, headache, stuffy nose, stomach upset, diarrhea, constipation, and dry mouth.

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