Insomnia, a medical condition characterized by sleeplessness, a word most of us use if we sleep late, or if we feel we are deprived of sleep. Though there is a difference of course, between these and the disease. Insomnia is a medical condition and like all medical conditions, it has symptoms as it affects the daily life of the person. The most noticeable symptoms are irritability, low energy, vision collision, inability to concentrate and a depressed mood. Insomnia has an effect on the circadian rhythm which is not only associated with sleep but has various other functions to it. Insomnia can last for a week or can extend to a month or months.  


There are two models that aim at explaining how Insomnia occurs. The cognitive model points at cogitation or excess contemplation and hyperarousal for interfering with Insomnia. The other one is physiological model which is laid upon three important findings in people suffering from insomnia. One, the increased urinary catecholamine and Cortisol levels indicate towards excitation.


Two, the increased glucose consumption has an increased effect in the wakefulness in people with insomnia. Three, the enhanced heart rate and full body metabolism is found to be related and is presumably a reason for insomnia. It is, however, unclear whether hyperarousal causes insomnia. The altered concentration of neurotransmitters such as GABA may also have a role to play in this condition.



Ambien sleeping pill works as a sedative and hypnotic drug which is used all across the globe for the effective management of insomnia. The prolific use of this drug for the management of Insomnia for the provided indication of Insomnia is rationalized by the potency and strength of this drug to mitigate sleeplessness.  Ambien induces an internal ambiance that is suitable for sleep, it makes the restlessness go and induces serenity that makes you feel sleepy, it offers a quality sleep by reducing the frequency of wake ups during the night.


Ambien encloses as its key pharma ingredient, a substance called Zolpidem. Zolpidem works by thinning the excitability of over firing neurons, thus producing tranquilizing effects in the brain that prepares a person for sleep. Calming effects on the brain. It also works by maintaining a balance of the chemicals in the brain, which is usually disturbed in such people.  


Ambien is available as an oral preparation which can be obtained in 5mg,10 mg and 12.5 mg of dosing strengths.The therapy for treatment of Insomnia with Zolpidem is initiated with 5mg dose for women and either 5 mg or 10mg for men, taken once, before sleeping. Choose a sleeping time that gives you a proper 7–8 hours of sleep. The dose listed here is not an alternative to doctor's prescription.  


Some frequently occurring side effects that may affect a few users and bring about disturbance are daytime drowsiness, overtiredness, lightheadedness, weakness, loss of coordination, dryness in mouth, nausea, stuffy nose, constipation, diarrhea, upset stomach, headache, and muscle pain.


Safety measures to be taken with Ambien:

  • If you experience any allergic reaction once you have started the therapy, visit your doctor, it may be because of this drug.
  • The sweeping effects of this drug may intervene in day hours too in some cases, do not drive till you know how you react with this drug.


Do not indulge in alcohol consumption while you are relying on this therapy.


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