Insomnia can inflict havoc by having a harmful impact on work, health and relationships. Does it really happen that insomnia affect your whole life? Many people give the same answer, which was YES! Some of them share their true story about insomnia and we are sharing one of the stories with you to tell you what happen when you lack sleep and what medication you can take for insomnia betterment.


Meghan, who was working women and was working great in her professional life started experience insomnia, which start impacted her work life as well as personal life. He was high-flier and get number of promotion while professional life ill the time she suffer from insomnia. As of excessive work load at office and family back at home she was hardly getting sleep or sometime she only slept for one or 2 hours. Her insomnia get worsen when she was expecting her first child, and she start struggling on bed to get sleep, that directly impact her career as due to lack of sleep she feel so tired that she did not focus on her work.

She also asks her gynecologist to prescribe some medication but she always gives some sleeping pills which hardly work. She switches her job, and started working as freelancer or consultant and start thinking her life could be different or better if she did not suffer from insomnia. But she was helpless as of pregnancy she cannot take sleeping pills, but her life come back on normal track after pregnancy when her doctor started her treatment with Ambien medication. Now, she is getting better sleep at night and doing excel in both professional and personal life.


Ambien is known to be one of the amazing medications, which is popular for its effectual action on the sleep. The medication encloses of Zolpidem as effectual moiety, which has application to make the men fall asleep instantly on bed and provide you sleep of 8 hours. The drug also reduces the frequent awakening at night and helps you to feel refresh at next morning for work. Zolpidem fits to a group of drugs named sedative-hypnotics. The drug has an optimistic action on the CNS to produce comforting and calming action. The usually drug causes the equilibrium of chemicals in the brains causing insomnia.


Ambien oral tablets are available as of 10mg and CR 12.5mg. Generally, initiate your treatment with a dose of 10mg. the men have to consume the amount of 10mg one time a day, while women have to consume an amount of 5mg in a day before time for bed. If you do not notice positive results from 10mg then start with 12.5mg in a day orally with water and women have to consume one tablet of 6.25mg in a day.


The person taking of Ambien has described some adverse effects as of illusion, anxiety, recollection loss, and the distress in visualization, wobbliness, and vomiting, dizziness, sleepiness, mental/mood/behavior changes, and vision changes.


Henceforth, you must have to avoid the consumption of alcohol, and high amount of caffeine. You must have to get 8 hours else it feel like your memory is lost and accident can happen. Avoid taking the drug if you have to travel via airplane. Avoid the Ambien without doctor guidance in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding. Halt the medical usage after 4 weeks else it may cause drug dependence.


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