It has been a saying that erections will make an erection possible. Once your erection is affected, this will start to occur again and again. Your regular sensual session with good erection will help in better erections in future.

Like a sports person, who wants to be a good tennis player, he or she plays and practices regularly tennis. The passion and love for the work will only help you to enjoy better intimacy session. When someone is stuck with erection loss in the middle of the physical session, he becomes puzzled. The puzzle on his face will make her partner doubtful. Do not create doubts in your relationship. If anything like this happens, be open to your partner. There are no worries about your erection disability. Many number of people these days observe default in erection and all most everyone has tried Cenforce/Fildena.

If you are also suffering with the frequent arrival of erection failure then stop such frequent happening by using above brands and see the positive results in you. Your physical relation will reach to new heights. Make your connection and relation ongoing and happening.    

Cenforce or Fildena (Sildenafil) are the brand names of generic Sildenafil. This medicine belongs to Phosphodiesterase enzyme inhibitor. The PDE5 enzyme is mainly responsible for causing the degradation of cGMP in the penile region. Due to the degeneration of cGMP, there will be a lesser erection. This medicine causes the stop in the break-up of cGMP and thus, raises the quantity of cGMP in the penile region. There will be the induction of vasodilation of blood vessels, which will cause fast blood flow across the blood vessels bringing up a worthy erection.

The various doses that are available in the market are as 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg, and 200 mg. There is a need to ingest single tablet before 50-60 minutes of planned intimacy session. The onset of activity is within 30 minutes and the action duration is about 4-5 hours. Take this orally with water. If you want to have another physical session, the second dose should be taken only after 24 hours duration.

There is a need to follow some contraindications such as:

  • NOT to take in any form of allergic reaction
  • NOT to take when you are using Nitrate forms
  • NOT to take when your age is below 18 years
  • NOT to take when your erection seems painful

Safety Points:

  • Remember to stop the drinking up of alcohol and grapefruit juice as this brings ill effects.
  • Avoid excess of fatty food as this block the drug activity.
  • Sometimes there will be high dizziness so avoid driving or machine operation.
  • Those who have high cardiac ailment should refer this drug after doctor permission.

Common precipitating aftermathsseen with this medicine are like shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, muscle, back pain, palpitation, vision ailment, dizziness, drowsiness, and pain while erection.

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